Innovation Highlights

Chalk Healthcare Consulting/Consultant
Digital and Connected Health
Co-Founder & Chief Engagement Officer of Healthrageous (2010-2013)
President & CEO (2013)

Launched in 2010, Healthrageous was one of the early venture backed digital health platforms focusing on lifestyle modification to prevent and effectively manage chronic disease. Mary Beth participated in the Series A and B funding of $16M; closed over $3M in new business; and oversaw business operations, sales, marketing, and product management. Healthrageous assets were purchased by Humana in 2013.

Population Health Solutions
Director of Business Development of Pfizer Health Solutions
Pfizer Health Solutions created and validated innovative population health solutions. Mary Beth completed transactions totaling over $5M that established the National Institute on Health & Productivity supporting data-driven healthcare purchasing decisions; leveraged an innovative Medicaid funding mechanism to secure smoking cessation for 100K recipients; and funded a statewide childhood obesity initiative.

Engagement & Behavior Change
Resources For Living
Chief Operating Officer of Resources For Living
In 2002, Mary Beth Chalk created one of the first telephonic obesity and depression disease management products achieving $1.9M in year one revenue growth. She was also the visionary behind the SIGNAL System which predicts clinical efficacy and satisfaction of telephonic counseling services. Resources For Living was purchased by Aetna.